Sunday, July 5, 2009

mari memasang mimpi (aku sakit gigi)

aduh....sakitnye gigi...sbb termakan daging yang keras melantun...nasib baik jpa pakar gusi...sebenarnye gusi je yg bengkak...

cume aku nak kongsi citer ngan korang ttg bloger yg aku suke sangat2.

Write down your desires. Most of us know what we don’t want, but rarely do we focus on the things we’d like to have or experience in our lives. Create a “dream list”.
Visualize the fulfillment of your desires. Go through each item on your list and see yourself experiencing the manifestation of each dream. Taste, smell, feel, hear and see it. Make it as real as possible.

Get really fucking excited. Feel the excitement and energy build as you know that your dream is being manifested.
Express gratitude. In many ways, your life is already a dream come true. Expressing gratitude and being thankful for your life helps keep you in an empowered state-of-mind.

Seize opportunities. Making your dreams come true is about more than wishful thinking. Each day, be aware of the open doors around that may lead to the fulfillment of your desires. For example, one of my dreams it to travel to Australia. As such, when I heard about a contest to visit Australia for 6 months, I applied. I didn’t win. But at that time, I was aware that the contest might be the opportunity for which I had been waiting.

Be patient. Trust that when the time is right, your dreams will come true if they are aligned with the universe. If you don’t know how to be patient, click here.
Remember that you deserve it. As a child of the universe, no one deserves whatever it is that you want any more than you.

aku ader bberape impian skung.

1.menulis buku tentang pengalaman aku.
3.nak duduk umah sendiri
4.nak buat satu taman utk aku year aku nak amik krusus


nak tumbuh gigi lg ar tuh..haha..leh tumbuh g ker..

lawak la pulak ayat keras melantun 2


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