Thursday, November 13, 2008

little man with thumbS up

The big changes coming into your life are coming -- be patient! As excited as you might be for them, you can't rush them before their time. If you do, you run the risk of becoming too overwhelmed too soon -- and then they won't be as much fun as you thought they'd be. They'll just be a bunch of headaches. So let things unfold on their natural timetable. It might be torture to do so, but you can get through it. Distract yourself with fun social outings.

p/s: thanks for the advice my fwend... huhu how can i??( be a patient)

aper ke hal pulak adik2 aq? tetibe je intak nasihat.. selalu pandai buat sendiri..
ajib teribe msg! macam ader sesuatu yang penting jer...
huhu dalam akademi pertahanan negara pn ader prob??
ajib... welcome to my world.. it just da beginning..
be tough by ur self. tp abg akan terus tengok ko dari jauh. hehe ko pn dah besor.
jangan wat2 x paham!

huhu tengku...
sorry gak sbb terlupe pasal exam
abg x dapat datang...
paham kan...
kosong2 key.
all da best!!!!



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