Saturday, November 8, 2008

why man??

guys out there!
"poem for man"

The man won’t let you do all the compromise in the relationship,
He will be “man” enough to bend some too,

The man won’t lie to you,
Especially when it will cause you pain to believe in and act on the lie,
He will tell you the truth,
Taking his lumps as we all must do,

The man won’t ever let trouble touch the core of your relationship,
He knows that this does irreversable damage,
He also knows that your relationship is more important then any trouble could be,
And that to let it touch the core, makes it insurmountable as opposed to “get past”able,

The man never makes you carry the whole weight of a problem,
He shares it in the ebb and flow that makes the two of you great together,

The man will smile and laugh at what makes you happy,
Not bothering to consider if it was something that will make him happy or not too,
This is your time,
Next time can be his time,

The man doesn’t have to have come from the best background or be the perfect person,
He is willing to love you, as perfectly as he can,
Giving you all that’s in his heart,
Taking the “big gamble” and not holding back for fear of being rejected or used,

If fact, the man, knows that he loves you MORE,
But he cheerfully lets you believe that you are the one with more love,
He holds you when you are down and lifts you higher when you are up,
He doesn’t need acknowledgement, your love says it all and gives more all to him,

The man knows who he is,
Is comfortable with who he is,
Wants to share who he is,
Can admit who he is,
Can love with all that he is

p/s: gurls... u ask me why?
simple amswer..
i'm also a man.



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